COVID-19: Guidance for Churches.

January 28, 2022 | 2:03 pm
The latest guidance from HM Government, published on 27th January, is here. This has been corroborated by both the Bishops’ Council of England and Wales, and the Archdiocese of Southwark with the Guidance for Churches January 2022.


In the guidance some of the key points are:
  • “Any people displaying symptoms of Covid-19 should stay at home and not participate in acts of worship in church.”
  • “Those attending an act of worship may continue to wear a face covering (both nose and mouth) whilst in the church building.”
  • “There is no need for formal social distancing in church buildings, although those present should be sensitive to the needs of others around them.”
  • “Churches should continue to ensure there is good ventilation, balancing this against the need for church heating, especially at this time.”
  • “…the use of hymn books, missals and other worship aids can be resumed with immediate effect.”
  • “Congregational singing may continue and there is a general encouragement to wear face coverings while singing. However, it is recognised that not everyone will feel able to do this.”
  • “Whilst this reduction of restrictions brings about a more normal way of living, the Covid-19 virus is still in circulation, and this should be in the mind of those participating in the life of the Church as time goes forward holding in balance the need for personal safety and taking responsibility for that safety.”


Given this advice, Fr Behr has decided that:

“Having received up-to-date guidance from the Diocese:

  •  No social distancing is needed. We no longer need to book for Mass.  
  • The wearing of masks is now optional.  Please be careful and respect the needs of others.  
  • If you have any questions, please speak to me or Jolyon. 
  • As always if you have a cough or a fever it is better to stay home. 
  • We will continue to make the parish centre available.”