22 Oct 2021 | 05:00 pm

See the latest news from HM Government with regard to COVID-19 restrictions

Notice from Fr Behr on 24 July 21: Although Covid restrictions have officially been lifted the Government advice is to continue to check in to church using the QR code or signing in as before, for the time being.  Should there be an outbreak of coronavirus involving two or more people at the same service attendees will be notified through NHS Track and Trace.  You are also asked to continue wearing your mask whilst at Mass for the protection of others.

If you plan to go to church:

  • For weekday attendance no booking is necessary, but we ask you to fill in the sign-up sheet as you go into the Church for our records;
  • If you wish to attend Church on a Sunday or a major feastday, you need to inform Deacon Jolyon on Tel: 01580 766449 or


The protocol for every day:

  • Wear warm clothing, because we have to open windows to create a draught to ensure adequate air circulation.
  • Note that the church heating will be on, but remain in your cars or arrive no more than 5-10 minutes before the service starts.
  • Wear a mask and use the hand sanitiser as you enter the church.
  • Avoid any unnecessary socialising when you come into church and take your seats.
  • NOT attempt to kneel, as this will invade the social distancing of the people in front, just sit, sit and bow your head or stand in your place.
  • Follow the flow for the distribution of Holy Communion, maintaining social distancing at all times
  • Take the post communion meanders as led by the stewards.
  • Leave the church immediately after the service, unless you are part of the volunteer cleaning team.
  • Use the hand sanitiser on the way out of church.
  • Avoid socialising in the car park except at a safe social distance wearing your mask.


The Church is open: There will be Private Prayer from 10am to 11.00am on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Please come through the front door and exit via the Parish Centre. On days when we are not open for prayer, our colleagues at Saint Mildred’s will be open from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Father Behr will be available for Reconciliation (Confession) during the Saturday session of private prayer.  He will be in the Parish Centre, so as to maintain social distance.

Loose Change for St Andrew’s:

Eric Leenders, Managing Director of Personal Finance at UK Finance said: “The public has stored over £50 million of loose change over the course of the pandemic and as UK is opening up post-lockdown every pound and penny that can be spared for worthy causes will make a tremendous difference.”

Would you like to bring your loose change to St Andrew’s? Our team of counters will turn your loose change from the back of your sofa into funds to pay for the heating and lighting of our parish church. Everyone should also give a thought to supporting the Parish online. For options, see the page on Supporting the Parish Financially.


Feasts and services this coming week:

Saturday 23rd OctoberSt John of Capistrano, Priest
Father Robert Copsey SOLT RIP
People of the Parish
10.00 am Mass
6.00 pm Vigil Mass
Sunday 24th OctoberWorld Mission Day
Thirtieth Sunday (B)
Sr Kathleen RIP
10.00 am Mass
12.00 midday Traditional Latin Mass
Monday 25th OctoberFeria
Anna and Family
10.00am Mass
Tuesday 26th OctoberSts Chad & Cedd, Bishops
Private intention
10.00am Mass
Wednesday 27th OctoberFeria10.00 am Service of the Word and Holy Communion
Thursday 28th OctoberSts Simon & Jude, Apostles
Private intention
10.00am Mass
Friday 29th OctoberFeria
Private intention
10.00am Mass
Saturday 30th OctoberThe Blessed Virgin Mary10.00 am Mass
6.00 pm Vigil Mass
Sunday 31st OctoberALL SAINTS
People of the Parish
10.00 am Mass
12.00 midday Traditional Sung Latin Mass