The contractors are in!

Last Updated: 7th July 2020.

The refurbishment of  St Andrew’s is long overdue but at last it is now in full flow. It has been in the hands of the contractor, Ash Contracting Ltd of Ryarsh, West Malling, since 1st June. The contract was awarded by Fr John after an extensive tendering process in which 5 contractors – 4 from our local area – were invited to bid. Ash, who won the contract, have already got stuck in and are expecting to have the work completed in the first couple of weeks of July, despite the strictures of COVID-19.

The main work is in the Church and focuses upon remodelling the lighting throughout, providing better insulation and comprehensive redecorating. It also will redesign the layout of the sanctuary and relocate the statue of Our Lady into a more prominent position. The entrance lobby and toilet are also being improved. Finally, there is work in Fr John’s house to provide better insulation for some windows and a door along with much needed improvements in the shower room.

It is hoped we will be able to keep you up to date periodically as the work progresses and share some images with you. The attached photos show the start of the work: principally protecting the fabric of the church to enable the workers to get stuck in.  Views of the Church in the hands of the Contractor after Four Days.

Here is the first fortnightly report from the contractor. St Andrews Church – Progress Photos received 12 Jun 20.

Second inspection report by Playle & Partners, our construction consultants, undertaken on 11 Jun 20. Playle’s Inspection 11 Jun 10067 St Andrews, Tenterden – SVR 02.

The Third and Fourth inspection reports have just been received from Playle & Pasrtners. They predict up to 2 weeks delay as the roofing work (providing improved insulation and lighting) has taken longer than predicted. This brings our expected completion of works in the Church to 24 July. Playle’s inspection 10067 St Andrews, Tenterden – SVR 03 20200618 and Playle’s inspection report 10067 St Andrews, Tenterden – SVR 04 20200625.

Here is the latest inspection report received today 7 July Playle’s Inspection No 5 10067 St Andrews, Tenterden – SVR 05 20200703.