Two pleas for your help: our local Food Bank and refugees from Ukraine.




Dear Friends,

The need for supplies for the food bank continues to grows daily. The food bank is running out of supplies and there are some desperate folks in our community. Please continue to be generous and donate whatever you can to help those who need our support.

Also see Jolyon’s note pertaining to the crisis in our local area:

Tales from the foodbanks.

Most people enjoyed the long summer holidays. A chance to enjoy a break from the work and school routines, long sunny days outside, cool drinks and ice-cream. For some, however the long days can spell dread. Hungry children at home all day circulating round the kitchen looking for things to eat, peering into empty fridges and cupboards and the family budget no longer able to meet the demand.

Every news bulletin brings a new story of food poverty, of adults going without meals to feed their children, of people having to choose whether to eat today or switch the power on for heat, light, hot water or cooking. This is not some far flung corner of the globe but happening in Tenterden, in Woodchurch and Wittersham, in Rolvenden and all villages in between.

To add to the seriousness of the situation, Fareshare and The Family Foodbank organisations have sent out a warning that donations have dropped and demand has risen at an almost unprecedented rate. This is leading to shortages at the very places people go to seek help.

Of course, all of us are being affected by the current grim financial situation in the country. The steep rises in fuel costs and inflation and knowing how to manage our own worries and still help those less fortunate is not easy. This perhaps is not the time for grand gestures (although if anyone DOES suddenly inherit and fortune, I will be pleased to hear from them!!) but PLEASE if you are reading this to the end, just put one tin of beans or tuna or carton of long-life milk into the collection points in Waitrose, St Michaels Post Office, St Mildred’s porch or Tesco when you are doing your shopping. Every single tin makes a difference and helps the Family Foodbank. You can also help The Old Schoolhouse Larder which more specifically helps children get a nutritious meal inside them every day. To do this requires you to simply to donate money. One off donations are welcome but better still is just a SMALL Standing Order so that there is a regular income to purchase the foods we need and prevent waste. There is no shame in donating even a very small amount. £2.50 a week, the cost of a coffee shop coffee makes a difference. You may be surprised to know that this sum will make a filling, nutritiously balanced meal for two children with the foods obtainable in the Larder.

Details to donate to the Old Schoolhouse Larder are here.

Please pay to: The Vicar of Tenterden Trust – Larder; Account No. 40963232.

Thank you for your help, from Jolyon Vickers.



Dear All,
As we all know this war situation continues.
Lindsay and I met (on 10 Aug 22) with the Ashford Borough Council resettlement team and the following urgent needs have been identified:
  1. Single beds with mattresses – have you any to dispose of to a good home?
  2. Duvets, single, double – have you any to dispose of to a good home?
  3. Accommodation for rental for under the market rate.
NO other bedding is currently required. The beds and duvets will be delivered to the Ashford Borough property being used to house refugee families.
Any offers of accommodation, Lindsay and I have the details of the ABC officer, who will co-ordinate and liaise with you over your kind offer and explain the implications.
Kindest regards,
Jolyon Vickers
Rev. Deacon
PS. Regrettably the needs for food bank donations continue to grow – any contributions gratefully received.