Refugees from Ukraine – how you could help.

August 11, 2022 | 9:31 am
Dear All,
As we all know this war situation continues.
Lindsay and I met this morning (10 Aug 22) with the Ashford Borough Council resettlement team and the following urgent needs have been identified:
  1. Single beds with mattresses – have you any to dispose of to a good home?
  2. Duvets, single, double – have you any to dispose of to a good home?
  3. Accommodation for rental for under the market rate.
NO other bedding is currently required.
The beds and duvets will be delivered to the Ashford Borough property being used to house refugee families.
Any offers of accommodation, Lindsay and I have the details of the ABC officer, who will co-ordinate and liaise with you over your kind offer and explain the implications.
Kindest regards,
Jolyon Vickers
Rev. Deacon
PS. Regrettably the needs for food bank donations continue to grow – any contributions gratefully received.