A Very Warm Welcome to St Andrew’s Catholic Church, Tenterden

“We wish all visitors to this website and to the parish church, every peace and joy. We are a lively, richly diverse and very welcoming parish of the Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark. We extend pastoral care to those living in and around the Tenterden area, including the rural areas within a 6-mile radius. Please come and join in our celebrations or for some quiet time in the midst of this busy world.”

Fr John Hine, Parish Priest


Parish Finance Committee meeting

18 Mar 2019 | 07:00 pm
There will be a meeting of the Parish Finance Committee at 7.00pm on Monday 18th March.
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Latest Newsletter

16 Mar 2019 | 07:00 pm
The Parish Newsletter for the week commencing 16th March  is here Newsletter for 2nd Sunday of Lent 16th March 2019 To download it follow the “Read More” link.    
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Father John writes

I am sure you remembered the Cafod family fast day on Friday last week and have brought your contribution for the collection today.

We have a speaker from CAFOD today. Organisations like Cafod have a vital role in the world today – there are still 700 million people in the world who live in absolute poverty and need.

The Brexit issue has so dominated our attention, and also our anxieties, that the poor and starving of the world could only too easily be forgotten.

The new director of Cafod, Christine Allen, is confident that Mass-going Catholics will continue to be the bedrock of Cafod’s support because funding the agency’s work is part of how they put their faith into practice. I am sure you will show this by your generosity to the Cafod Collection today.

Please find attached the details of the proposed Churches Together trip to Oberammergau


Fr John’s Thoughts for the Week