Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some typical questions that you might ask. If you cannot find the answer here, speak to Fr Behr or Deacon Jolyon. Alternatively, send us you question through “Contact Us”.


  • What do I do if I am going into hospital?

    For reasons of confidentiality, details of patient’s religious affinity is no longer collected or made available to hospital chaplains. If you or your relative would like a visit from a priest, whilst you are in hospital, please let the ward staff know and they should advise the chaplaincy office. They in turn, will inform the relevant priest. Alternatively let the Parish Priest or Deacon know that you are going into hospital with dates and ward details and they will arrange for you to be visited by the appropriate priest looking after that hospital.
  • What do I do if I am moving away from the Parish?

    Please let us know, preferably in writing, so that we can remove your details from our Parish Database etc.
  • What do I do if I move within the Parish?

    Please let us know, preferably in writing, so that we can amend your details on our Parish Database etc.
  • How do I have a Mass said for me and how do I seek a Mass Intention?

    Please fill out a Mass Intention envelope with the details requested e.g. day, time and intention and enclose your mass stipend contribution. Please hand this to the Parish Priest or Deacon or post it through the letterbox of the presbytery.
  • How do I receive the weekly parish newsletter electronically?

    We are keen to save paper and printing so, if you would prefer to receive your own copy of the weekly newsletter by email, please contact Deacon Jolyon through Tel: 01580 766449 or Email: and you will be added to the list of recipients. The newsletter is usually available on Friday afternoons.
  • How is the Church financed and where does the money get spent?

    The majority of the parish’s income comes from the weekly collection and is supplemented by some parishioners, who would rather contribute by standing order. Separately, some parishioners contribute to our repayments of loans for the Parish Centre. This money is used to pay all running costs, wages, consumables and diocesan stipends.
  • Where is the nearest Catholic school?

    St Teresa's Catholic Primary School at Quantock Dr, Ashford TN24 8QN. Tel: 01233 622797.
  • If I am housebound, can I take part in a mass on line?

    With the kind support of St Peter & The Good Shepherd, Bearsted, you are able to enjoy a current mass. Go to
  • How can I make a donation to the Parish?

    There are a number of ways you can support the Parish Church or its Development Fund. Go to the website page entitled Supporting the Parish Financially.