Readers Rota

Readers rota for Saturday/Sunday

August to December 2017

DateSaturday - 6.00pmSunday - 08.30amSunday - 10.30am
2/3 JuneRoger StylesAlexander WilsonKevin Titus
9/10 JuneNoel JordanNick CarterCollette Inglinski
16/17 JuneMaggie UrquhartPeter LawrenceKathy Bishop
23/24 JunePat SargentTony MalletRachel Heinrichsmeier
30 June/1 JulyRoger StylesSuzanne VickersKevin Titus
7/8 JulyNoel JordanAlexander WilsonKathy Bishop
14/15 JulyMaggie UrquhartElena PeckRachel Heinrichsmeier
21/22 JulyCharles OrtnerNick CarterFrances Lawrence
28/29 JulyPat SargentPeter LawrenceLynton Evans
4/5 AugustRoger StylesTony MalletAlvin Titus
11/12 AugustNoel JordanAlexander WilsonChris Leahy
18/19 AugustMaggie UrquhartSuzanne VickersAlvin Titus
25/26 AugustCharles OrtnerElena PeckMaria Palin
1/2 SeptemberPat SargentNick CarterKevin Titus
8/9 SeptemberRoger StylesPeter LawrenceKathy Gibbs
15/16 SeptemberNoel JordanTony MalletCollette Inglinski
22/23 SeptemberMaggie UrquhartAlexander WilsonKathy Bishop
29/30 SeptemberCharles OrtnerSuzanne VickersRachel Heinrichsmeier
6/7 OctoberPat SargentElena PeckAlvin Titus
13/14 OctoberRoger StylesNick CarterFrances Lawrence
20/21 OctoberNoel JordanPeter LawrenceLynton Evans
27/28 OctoberMaggie UrquhartTony MalletChris Leahy
3/4 NovemberCharles OrtnerAlexander WilsonKevin Titus
10/11 NovemberPat SargentSuzanne VickersBrian Lawrence
17/18 NovemberRoger StylesElena PeckMaria Palin
24/25 NovemberNoel JordanNick CarterKathy Gibbs
1/2 DecemberMaggie UrquhartPeter LawrenceAlvin Titus
8/9 DecemberCharles OrtnerTony MalletCollette Inglinski
15/16 DecemberPat SargentSuzanne VickersKathy Bishop
22/23 DecemberRoger StylesAlexander WilsonRachel Heinrichsmeier
Christmas Midnight and Day
29/30 DecemberNoel JordanElena PeckFrances Lawrence

When you arrive at the ambo to read, please check that the microphone and the reading light are switched on. (The red light signifies that the microphone is ‘on’.)

Rota Secretary – Frances Lawrence 01233 732657