Readers Rota

Readers rota for Saturday/Sunday

August to December 2017

DateSaturday - 6.00pmSunday - 08.30amSunday - 10.30am
August 5/6Roger StylesSuzanne VickersKevin Thomas
August 12/13Kevin ThorntonElena PeckMaria Palin
August 19/20Noel JordanAngela Drummond-BradyCollette Inglinski
August 26/27Maggie UrquhartMichael Drummond-BradyKathy Gibbs.
September 2/3Pat SargentNick CarterKevin Thomas
September 9/10Roger StylesPeter LawrenceRachel Heinrichsmeier
September 16/17Noel JordanTony MalletFrances Lawrence
September 23/24Maggie UrquhartSuzanne VickersChris Leahy
September 30/October 1Kevin ThorntonElena PeckKevin Thomas
October 7/8Pat SargeantAngela Drummond-BradyLynton Adams
October 14/15Roger StylesMichael Drummond-BradyBrian Lawrence
October 21/22Noel JordanNick CarterMaria Milton
October 28/29Maggie UrquhartPeter LawrenceCollette Inglinski
November 4/5Kevin ThorntonTony MalletKevin Thomas
November 11/12Pat SargeantSuzanne VickersKathy Gibbs
November 18/19Roger StylesElena PeckRachel Heinrichsmeier
November 25/26Noel JordanAngela Drummond-BradyFrances Lawrence
December 2/3Maggie UrquhartMichael Drummond-BradyKevin Thomas
December 9/10Kevin ThorntonNick CarterChris Leahy
December 16/17Pat SargeantPeter LawrenceLynton Adams
December 23/24Roger StylesTony MalletBrian Lawrence
Christmas Day 24/25Noel JordanSuzanne VickersMaria Milton
December 30/31Maggie UrquhartElena PeckCollette Inglinski

When you arrive at the ambo to read, please check that the microphone and the reading light are switched on. (The red light signifies that the microphone is ‘on’.)

Rota Secretary – Frances Lawrence 01233 732657