Parish Council

The Parish Council represents parishioners and assists the Parish Priest in making decisions about the smooth running of the Parish.

It meets twice a year.

Parish Council Members

The Members of the Parish Council are:

  • Father John Hine (Parish Priest)
  • Deacon Jolyon Vickers
  • Roger Styles (Secretary)
  • Sylwia Dorosz (Treasurer)
  • Pat Sargent (Parish Newsletter)
  • Nuala Smith
  • Lorraine Sharp or Dr James Sharp
  • Kathleen Bishop


If you wish to see attachments to these minutes, please contact the Secretary, Roger Styles on 07753 632038.

Parish Pastoral Council

The role of a Pastoral Council is to advise the Parish Priest on pastoral issues, as opposed to financial and administrative topics.

Because of the size of the Parish, no separate council exists in this Parish and its scope is currently covered by the Parish Council.

However, representatives for the Parish are encouraged to attend the Deanery Pastoral Council, which meets to plan and co-ordinate deanery-wide events and to discuss wider topics.